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breath technology

The purity of the air you breathe a  handy

purificatore d'aria airmed

A sphere of healthy air around you

The AirMed air purifier is the first wearable device capable of generating 20 MILLION negative ions and allows you to remove pollutants from the breathing area.

AirMed protects you and your loved ones thanks to the electrostatic purification radiated in an orbit of about 1 cubic meter, creating a sphere of protection against pollutants that are harmful to health.

AirMed does NOT protect against Covid -19 and Viruses

The AirMed air purifier can be used anywhere, even on an airplane. Protect yourself and those around you!

Air purification with AIRMED device


AirMed is a highly innovative wearable device *. It is electrically rechargeable, works for over 25 hours on a single charge and guarantees protection from airborne pollutants thanks to the use of aviomic technology.

* Also available in the best pharmacies and parapharmacies


Helps fight pollen allergies and rhinitis


Purifies the air from the presence of passive smoke


Reduces bacteria, yeasts and molds


Helps to counteract particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10)

purificatore aria airmed e come indossarlo

Technology & Ionization

Air ionization is a natural phenomenon

To understand what ions are we must necessarily talk about electricity. The same electricity we use in our homes, the same electricity that, through the nervous system, allows our heart to beat ...

I don't believe until

I do not see

The AirMed air purifier combines nature, technology and design for  improve the air quality around you, drastically reducing the risk of breathing toxic substances into the air!

smoke test

with and without AirMed

Breathing clean air is good for health

Every week new research shows how poor air quality and domestic pollution cause discomfort and even serious diseases, especially in those most at risk such as children.


* Also available in the best pharmacies and parapharmacies

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