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Trial  to think about the last time you are  state  at the sea, on the lake or in the park of your city.

Probably you  you are heard  full  of energy.

This happened because, in addition to the beautiful scenery and relaxing activities, there were thousands of invisible elements around you, called NEGATIVE IONS .

ragazza che respira aria pulita

The primary effect of
negative ions is to repel fumes, dust and any substances
toxic substances that pollute the air.

Ionization is a phenomenon


To understand what ions are we must necessarily talk about electricity . The same electricity we use in our homes, the same electricity that, through the nervous system, allows our heart to beat.

The elements that generate electricity are called atoms. At the center of each atom is a nucleus around which two types of particles - protons and neutrons - rotate. Protons have a positive charge while neutrons have no charge.

Like moons orbiting a planet, particles called electrons , which are negatively charged, revolve around the nucleus. When there are equal numbers of protons and electrons in an atom, the molecule is said to have a neutral charge.

On the other hand, when these particles are not balanced, atoms or molecules are called ions and can be positively or negatively charged. An ion that has more protons than electrons is called a positive ion, while one with more electrons than protons is called a negative ion. Both exist in nature. If you have found yourself in front of a waterfall or after a strong storm and have taken deep breaths, know that that feeling of hyper-lucidity and awareness you experienced was due to the abundance of negative ions .

Furthermore, people who suffer the negative effects of allergens in the air obtain a great additional benefit, since the negative charges attract the positive ones as is the case with dust, molds, pollen, particulates etc. Allergens and dust combined with negative ions form clumps that become heavy and fall to the ground instead of being inhaled.

The AirMed device  it applies a certain voltage to an area with microscopic sharp points that act as " ion emitters ".  Electricity causes the electrons to develop right on these tiny tips, only to be immediately expelled and released.  in the air; once released, the electrons look for the nearest oxygen molecule and cling to it, giving it a negative charge and becoming negative ions.

Pressione dell'aria

AirMed manages to produce 20 million negative ions without the use of filters or chemicals

ionizzazione airmed

AirMed is Small, Powerful and always with you

Discover the true essence of Natural Air


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